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Profit by Helping People with Productivity & Time Management

Profit with the Productivity & Time Management Niche


Time Management may not sound very sexy, but it’s a massive niche market within the
personal development field. More and more people are finding less hours in the day to
get things done. From parents to CEOs, students to self-employed adults.

Time management has always been an issue for people, but in today’s competitive and
hectic world, people are stretched and pressured more than ever… and this means
they have more demands on their time.

But people also realize that better time management means more money and
freedom too. As somebody who works from home, I can tell you, I would rather be
finished by 3.30pm each day and have achieved three days worth of work, than to be
working late every single night of the week.

The secret is in…

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5 Ways To Make $500 This Weekend

Would you like to be able to make a quick $500 over the course of a weekend, using some basic internet marketing skills to bring in some much-needed additional income? Who wouldn’t?!
In this special report, I’m sharing some of my best-kept secrets for generating quick cash online using PLR content and some skill sets you may already even have to share with willing customers.
Here’s an excerpt from this informative report:
If you have skills, others will pay for your services. These includes skills and services such as:

Writing. The Internet is made up of content, which is why
writers are in such high demand. If you can write articles,
ebooks, reports, ad, sales letters, brochures, and/or other
types of pieces like blog posts, there’s probably a job waiting
for you.

• Design. Whether you can design a logo or an entire website,
you can find a freelance design job online.

• Programming. Do you know how to create software and
scripts? Then there are people who are looking for your skills
right now!

• And a whole host of other skills and services – just check the
freelancing boards to discover what people are willing to pay

Getting started is easy. If you have a specific skill (such as writing
reports), you can offer it on the You can even post
in the “Warriors for Hire” section, or discount your prices and offer
your services in the “Warrior Special Offers” marketplace.

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Cash in on the Weight Loss Industry by Starting a Blog

This report by Nicole Dean & Susanne Myers will help you to establish yourself in the profitable weight loss and fitness niche.

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How To Start A Weightloss and Fitness Blog

Here’s an Excerpt:

The weightloss industry is a perfect niche to get started in right now (we’re writing this just a few days before Thanksgiving). It’s a billion dollar industry with lot of smaller sub niches to get into (like weightloss and fitness for kids or expecting mothers for example). It’s also ever green. People are trying to lose weight about 363 days out of the year (excluding Christmas and Thanksgiving Day) and are constantly searching for new ways to get slimmer, healthier and fitter.

Another reason why we like this particular niche quite a bit is the fact that there are 10s of thousands of long tail keywords you can create content around and get free search engine traffic from. In other words, it can be quite profitable to set up a weightloss and fitness affiliate site.

We’re sure you’re anxious to get started so let’s jump right in.

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PLR Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s talk shortcuts. We all have limited hours in the day, so how can we get more done in less time? PLR is one of my absolute favorite shortcuts for any online business owner. Unfortunately it sometimes gets a bad rap and is oftentimes confusing to bloggers.

Awhile back I asked my readers to send in their biggest questions about using PLR in their businesses. I answered them all in this 18 page report.

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Managing Online Passwords Without Going Insane

Managing online passwords can be a difficult task if you don’t stay organized, and there can be security risks if you don’t use proper secure passwords. No one wants a mess on their hands when it comes to security or passwords.

Find out what a group of experts had to say when asked the question:

“As an online business owner, you must have hundreds, if not thousands of passwords. I sure have bunches. How do you manage them so that you’ve got safe (hopefully unique) passwords for each program? And, how do you organize them all?”

Click here to read the report and find out how these experts manage their online passwords safely and effectively.

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Outsourcing Tips from Experts to Save You Time

If you’ve ever wondered how outsourcing can benefit you and save you time this free report is for you.

A panel of experts was asked the question:

“What is your #1 tip that you’d give someone who’s making some money online but is spending too much time in front of their computer — to encourage them to begin outsourcing?”

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Tips for Attending Live Events

Have you ever considered attending a live internet marketing event? Maybe you weren’t sure if it was worth the investment?

A group of internet marketing experts shares their best tips on attending internet marketing events when asked:

“Do you attend live events (actually traveling to seminars and conferences)?
Why? What specific benefits have you gotten from attending?”

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How to Build One Way Links to your Blog

What do Willie Crawford, Lynn Terry, Mark Mason, Susanne Myers and Nicole Dean have to say about Link Building?

You’ll find out in this report where they were each asked the question:

“What is your favorite method for building incoming links to your website or blog? Why?”

Click here to read the report and find out what these experts said on the subject.

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Lies from the Diet Industry

Lies from the Diet Industry

The Diet Industry Has Failed you — according to Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert Scott Tousignant, the Fat Loss Quickie.

Exerpt from this free ebook:

I’m taking a stand on your behalf. You shouldn’t have to put up with this crap and it’s got to stop now! People that are preying on your vulnerabilities have given the fat loss industry a bad name, and I hate to say it but it’s really the large majority of the industry that is doing this to you.

It’s time to shake up the fat loss industry and expose many of them for the frauds that they are. I’m going to go over some of the ways that the diet and fat loss industry has failed you and lead to this mass confusion.

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Obliterate Obesity: Rid the World of Obesity

Obliterate Obesity: Rid the World of Obesity

Exerpt from this free ebook by Scott Tousignant of Fat Loss Quickie:

The media and health researchers are painting a gloomy picture of the
future health of our society. They say that by 2015 three quarters of
North America will be obese. But they forgot to add something into
that calculation…

My headstrong attitude and passion. There is no way that I’m going
to let their predictions come true!

I’m on a mission to obliterate the rising obesity trend and wipe it from
the face of the planet. In fact, I believe with every ounce of my being
that this is my destiny. It’s what drives me from the moment the
alarm goes off in the morning. It has my complete focus throughout
the day and often occupies my dreams.

I’ve been in the fitness industry for over a decade. It’s been my
passion to study the human body, the psychology of why we behave
certain ways, and to use this education in combination with my
experiences to help people create a healthy physique and live in
optimal health.

My ultimate goal is to reverse the obesity trend by 2015.

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