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  • Title: Religion and Immigration
  • Author: Haddad
  • Category: Religion
  • Date: January 2004
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 585455333


Ebook description:

Since its inception, the United States has outlined itself as a nation of immigrants and a land of spiritual freedom. But following September 11, 2001 American openness to immigrants and openness to different beliefs have come into query. In a well timed method, Religion and Immigration gives comparative views on Protestants, Catholics, Muslims and Jews getting into the American scene. Will Muslims search and obtain inclusion in methods just like Catholics and Jews generations earlier than? How will new immigrant populations affect and be influenced by present non secular communities? How do overlapping identities of dwelling nation, language, class, and ethnicity have an effect on immigrants’ sense of their faith? How do the devoted retain their values in a brand new nation of individualism and pluralism? How do non secular establishments assist immigrants with their bodily wants as they’re getting into a brand new nation? The contributors to Religion and Immigration method these questions from the views of theology, historical past, sociology, worldwide research, political science, and non secular research. A concluding chapter gives outcomes from a pioneering examine of immigrants and their non secular affiliation. Leading students Haddad, Smith, and Esposito have created a priceless textual content for courses in historical past, faith or the social sciences or for anybody fascinated with questions of American faith and immigration


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